How to Find Commercial Property to Let?

How to Find Commercial Property to Let?

Finding a commercial property to let is by no means a simple task. For a start, aiming to meet your existing and future business needs must be considered closely with full attention. To find and let your dream location, this can be done individually or at the hands of an agent for a fee for both the research and acquisition stages. In sum, this article highlights some of the essential steps needed to make the property hunting process easier.

Align Your Business Needs

Before embarking on the path to finding a commercial property to let, it is vital to know where your business will fit between the present moment and the foreseeable future. Therefore, having a clear idea of how much space is required and what facilities are needed to meet the demands of the business will all provide an image as to what type of property is needed. Questions to consider are how many bathrooms do we need? Is it suitable to locate in a multi-storey building? And is the floor surface suitable for the machinery to come into place? Understanding and evaluating such factors are important in terms of building positive impressions on behalf of your clients, workforce and suppliers etc. From a location perspective, accessibility will also feature as another choice motive.

Browse and Research Commercial Estate Agents

The internet provides the details from a wealth of commercial estate agents that provide the necessary information on how to find a commercial property to let that meet your requirements. In addition, observing estate agents’ signboards outside of the commercial properties that are labeled ‘to let’ are another way of identifying the right commercial estate agent to contact.

Appoint A Commercial Agent

Appointing a commercial agent to represent your business is a common method. This is because having an expert in the field will be able to relate your business needs to the nature of the required commercial property to let. It will also enable your business unit to maintain its focus on its everyday business activities. An agent can also assist with the acquisition process in return for a fee. Such a strategy would also be suitable for those who have not experienced acquiring commercial, retail or industrial property under a lease in the past. They also tend to be extremely flexible and effective at providing an insight of not just the property but also the surrounding area. Their appointments can be made via estate agents.

Seek Advice from a Solicitor

Having discovered that commercial agents and the internet are accessible resources for advice when finding a commercial property to let, having a solicitor onboard is another step in finding the most suitable commercial property to let. Such a move will provide in-depth knowledge on issues such as commercial property licensing, planning permission plus use classes and stamp duty land tax. Furthermore, they are also useful for contractual purposes and addressing the costs involved when letting property especially with the business rates. Again, the internet and directories form as the best means for their contact details.

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